Business & Governance Model Reports

The final reports of the Business Model and Governance Model Working Groups are available

The Business Model Report describes relevant information and methods to be used for the Business Model as

  • general assumptions
  • IdM market analysis
  • identification of stakeholders
  • general quantity structures
  • description of the value proposition for different stakeholders
  • potential risks
  • outlining of financing options.

Recommendations for the Swiss edu-ID Business Model elaboration and refining:

  • New user groups: increase the user base and number of provided resources are fundamental for success (doubling of user numbers within the next 3 years)
  • Costs: not charge users. A cost-sharing model has to bee agreed with Universities. Third party Service Providers can help to reach a better financing of the service.
  • Transition phase: as early and short as possible in order to limit costs of parallel operation
  • Roadmap: include information about the revenue streams that might shift over the three stages (1: AAI in parallel; 2: AAI replaces; 3: access for additional external services)

Next steps:

  • develop adoption and coinnovation risk maps and a stakeholder risk matrix
  • define appropriate actions and assign to a person or group with a deadline to reduce identified risks
  • describe concrete financing options (including numbers)

The Governance Model Report describes

  • existing governance structure for SWITCH and SWITCHaai
  • new stakeholder groups that may become part of the governance structure
  • how those stakeholder groups could be involved.


  • use SWITCHaai Governance Model as far as possible and extend it in order to include new stakeholder groups (Continuing Education, University Administration, Alumni-Organisations,  third party Service Providers)
  • involve more topical/stakeholder/working groups (scalability), approach potential stakeholders early and give them a formal “seat” in a committee
  • continue work of Processes working group
  • address business side in continuing education

Next steps:

  • develop joint roadmap for AAI and Swiss edu-ID
  • elaborate communication concept
  • involve new stakeholders in Governance structures

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