RFI Responses and Next Steps

We were positively surprised about the impressive amount of reponses to our RFI of November 2014.

  • A total of 11 vendors, integrators and producers have submitted a response to our RFI
  • A total of 9 products or product suites for identity and/or access management were presented in the RFI answers

During the month of December we have invited five vendors to present their solution to SWITCH and interested parties of the SWITCH community. As a first result it was interesting to see that access management seems to be a hot topic for producers who released many new products and updates in recent times. They follow different design philosophies and cover a vast range of architectures in IAM. In most cases, the vendors give access to their source code, although the license is not always “pure” open source.

SWITCH will now summarize and evaluate all the collected information. The aim is to assess the presented solutions with respect to the requirements for the Swiss edu-ID. The findings will be published in January 2015.