European Student Identifier

SWTICH is happy to announce the full support for the European Student Identifier in SWITCH edu-ID. SWITCH has worked with the university community to develop a solution approach that is easy for universities to implement.

The European Student Identifier (ESI) is a digital identifier enabling students to uniquely identify students when they access student mobility services online; the ESI supports and eases international student mobility and trans-national cooperation of higher education institutions.

A university has two alternatives to support the ESI for their
members – the university managed ESI or the SWITCH managed ESI.

In the case of the university managed ESI, the university generates and manages the ESI according to their requirements. It transmits the ESI for the persons concerned via the existing interfaces into the corresponding edu-ID affiliations.

In the case of the SWITCH managed ESI, SWITCH is responsible for generating the ESI for all members of the university. Based on an existing unique identifier, which is controlled by the university, SWITCH builds the ESI and adds it to the affiliation of all university members.

The full ESI support is available to the Swiss universities with immediate effect.

For further details, please consult the ESI website:


In March 2023, SWITCH organized a national workshop on the implementation of the European Student Identifier (ESI) at Swiss universities
In the workshop, it was decided to form a working group to specify the concrete implementation for the Swiss universities (June 2023). SWITCH has taken up this specification and carried out the necessary implementations in August 2023.

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