Applying for Medical School using SWITCH edu-ID

Anyone wishing to begin studying human medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine or chiropractic must register online with swissuniversities.

Since this year, authentication is exclusively done with SWITCH edu-ID on the Medon registration platform. Thus Medon uses a unique feature that was introduced with edu-ID in the Swiss AAI federation: anyone can create an edu-ID account and use it in the context of academic services.

This cooperation is beneficial for all parties involved. swissuniversites benefits from being able to secure the Medon application with a safe authentication service. In the long run more and more candidates will already have an edu-ID account which they can directly reuse for their registration with Medon. In the medium term, all students will need an edu-ID account. Students who enter the academic landscape via the Medon platform already have an edu-ID account and are ready to use it in their studies.

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