Swiss edu-ID 1.0 Launch

SWITCH is happy to announce the start of the productive phase of Swiss edu-ID Version 1.0.
The user interface is available here and allows individuals to create their Swiss edu-ID identity from scratch or to build one based on a SWITCHaai account.

The Swiss edu-ID Identity Provider is ready for pilots and productive services that wants to connect their resources.
This will allow such services to open up new groups of users as:

  • former university members no longer having an AAI account (–> services for Alumni)
  • guests without relationship to a Swiss Higher Education Institution (–> provision of WLAN access etc.)
  • regular users without strong relationship to a Swiss Higher Education Institution (–> national services open to a larger public)

The Swiss edu-ID IdP is part of the SWITCHaai federation and therefore rules of this framework apply.

Several pilot projects and resources are already foreseen to connect to Swiss edu-ID in 2015, but we welcome other services that want to profit by the possible larger user base and verified core attributes to discuss implementation options (contact

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